Rachel’s class is a bootie-kicker! But you don’t even realize it during because you are enjoying her, the class and the outdoors! She is supportive, fun and knowledgeable. I especially love the way she connected yoga-style flow and intentions with high-energy HIIT work. Can’t wait for my next class!
— Gretchen H, Park City, UT
I really enjoyed working with Rachel. I was apprehensive to try a new outdoor sport and she put together a fun and challenging mountain biking program for me! She was so encouraging and gave great tips on technique and body position as she guided me on the trails. Rachel created a personalized, relaxed, and fun experience for me. I would recommend working with her to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and challenge their capabilities. I am stoked to get back out there for another ride!
— Hannah M, Boston
“I’ve been training for 15 years and similar to Rachel, find most happiness outdoors on adventures.  Even I need a reminder and someone else to keep me accountable.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to have someone else design a workout for me, tailored for my needs, and run along with me. I was looking out on the bay and the bridge and feeling so much gratitude. This short workout officially changed my day, my attitude and it encouraged me to go do it again”

— Kori G, Personal Trainer, SF

Rachel worked with me to build confidence with my side writing project and own the fact that I am a writer, not just someone who writes. She also helped me get organized around moving the project forward. She was not only an amazing resource for stoke-building ideas and guidance but also about helping me set deadlines and checking in — all while not feeling overwhelmed by the process. I walked away with renewed energy for my book and felt like I had someone in my corner wanting me to succeed.
— Sarah H, Writer, Portland

“One day, Rachel posted a picture on social media of herself rock climbing, with a quote about how she was trying something new. This moment may have been small, but it was inspiring to me. Often you see photos or videos of people participating in some sport, like snowboarding, skiing, surfing, hiking, white rafting, etc. You have thoughts like “They all seem to be born into this lifestyle.” or “It looks like fun, but how could I even begin?”
I had been wanting to take rock climbing classes for awhile now, but kept putting it off with some excuse, and a little anxiety. I think I was nervous to try something new, to look stupid, to be “that person” at the gym, but seeing Rachel’s photo gave me that little push. She, this uber cool adventurer, was still learning something new, and the message that it was OKAY to be a beginner, to start a new sport, or to just have fun, helped make that first phone call”
— Rachel M. New York

“I’m so glad Rachel and I crossed paths years ago on a trip in Israel. It’s one thing to share an experience like that, but another to stay in touch over the years, following her incredible adventures. Her exotic travels inspire me to continue to seek the beauty in the world, and I’m reminded through her positive outlook that we can always reach that high peak and soar above the clouds if we put our minds to it. Rachel’s outlook on the world is one of beauty and I’m grateful that I am exposed to it on a daily basis. She wants nothing more than to inspire others to believe in their ability!”
— Alex C. TX