So What is a Stoke Coach you ask?

Stoke Coaching is my take on a holistic healthy lifestyle Personal Trainer/Coach.

My coaching style integrates:

  • Movement

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Healthy recipe creation

  • Mindfulness.

I am Passionate about helping people create:

  • A stronger body

  • A Stronger Mind

  • An Intentional Life

Being stoked affects your health in positive ways.

It’s the spark that gets you off your couch and onto the trail, where outdoor pursuits can help promote happiness, personal growth, and our abundance of stoke by finding the excitement in getting out of your comfort zone when things get a little uncomfortable. And that’s when you go back for more because that’s the feeling of being alive.  That’s where you find your joy, your childlike wonder, and curiosity. Cultivating stoke is a progression of making your health a priority in all the ways, not just working out and eating well, but getting outside, moving on a daily basis, sleeping, drinking enough water, checking in on loved ones, cultivating healthy relationships, taking time to stretch, breathing, brainstorming, being kind, and checking in on your mental health.

I value health in its entirety…

a total approach for achieving an optimal lifestyle integrating movement, nutrition, and adventure, empowering my clients to achieve their most powerful selves through outdoor pursuits. By reconnecting with the joy of movement, we make our health a priority, because a healthy body = a healthy mind. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much spare time you have, everyone, even you, can fit an outdoor adventure into their week and get stoked on their health.

My integrated approach…
helps build strength and confidence and the creation of daily habits around being active.

You too can get into the outdoors without having to take on anything too extreme and lose the pressure of being the first or the best and focus on your personalized health benefits of being outside in the fresh air, pushing yourself beyond your made up limitations, becoming stronger, empowered, open to new opportunities, and taking care of yourself for the future.

By working with me you acknowledging that stoke comes from getting out of your comfort zone and seeing your progression in challenging your self-imposed limits.

I’ll be your coach, cheerleader, confidence booster, adventure partner, and health advocate

My coaching isn’t necessarily about losing weight but how you want to feel in your body. I know I want to feel strong, confident capable, and that usually isn’t reflected on the scale. Let's get motivated on what we can accomplish by changing mindset, habits, and using nature to realign values and experience awe, wonder, movement on a daily basis