Why Green Exercise and Outdoor Pursuits

“It’s been scientifically shown that spending time immersed in nature reduces stress, lowers heart rate, lowers cortisol levels, decreases inflammation, boosts the immune system, improves mood, increases the ability to focus, jump starts creativity, increases energy levels, and makes us more generous and compassionate” - 2009 study on the Therapeutic Effects of Forest Bathing

Today most Americans spend most of their time indoors but “Humans have evolved in nature; we’ve spent 99.9 percent of our time in the natural world, and our physiological functions are adapted to it. We’re evolved to find relaxation and restoration in nature”

“Nature keeps us healthy, Nature provides us with inspiration and well being - we need to realize that we are nature and that there isn’t a separation from nature. It isn’t man versus nature. As humans we are inherently connected to nature, we were created by nature so “no matter who we are, what we look like, or where we’ve been - we all come from nature” Julia Plevin

The benefits of Green Exercise

  • Outdoor activity is good for all aspects of our health

  • Being in nature improves physical and mental health, stimulates learning, creativity, and sense of being fully alive

  • Spending time in the outdoors helps cultivate resilience to feel secure enough to take healthy risks where you think in terms of comparative risk and become familiar with your surroundings and the hazards that you feel are uncomfortable

  • Frequent outdoor play and adventures no matter, how small, helps to develop your own unique set of skills

  • By spending time in the outdoors you are continually building physical strength and learning the fitness basics of outdoor play

  • You learn to associate nature with wonder and respect, not fear

  • The most fundamental health benefit of spending time in/with nature is that it gets you off the couch and moving

  • Nature is the antidote to stress

  • You don’t have to be peak bagging to be enjoying the outdoors you can be sitting in a park or taking a walk around your block

The Benefits of Nature + Community

  • One of the most gratifying benefits of a nature rich life = the building of stronger relationships

  • A connection to nature opens the senses, soothes the nervous system, builds a sense of community and introduces people to skills of becoming comfortable in the more than human world

The Benefits of Nature + Play

  • Play is the pathway to joy - as we’ll be playing in the outdoors enjoying our natural playground not taking ourselves too seriously, being active by just being ourselves in our natural habit - all of this will bring feelings of joy by stimulating our endorphins - where you’ll want to come back for more!

  • Do not dismiss independent play and leisure time in nature as a non essential nice-to-have these are essential must-haves in our life so that we can live life in Radical Amazement

  • Almost All creativity involves purposeful play

Remember my Guiding Values

They are upheld in the the pursuit of the outdoors and play in nature

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