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Custom Outdoor Fitness Experience

Looking to go on a hike, or even start hiking, but don’t feel strong enough and/or don’t know where to go? Get in touch to create a custom outdoor fitness training program that will make you feel more confident in your body and abilities

  • Fitness Training for Outdoor Pursuits

    • creating custom workouts to be done outside

    • Identifying outdoor activities and creating a progression plan to get you

  • Activity Partner for Outdoor Pursuits, being there with every step of the way so you feel confident and comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone

Adventure Concierge

I love to to know about every experiences, activity, unique thing going on where I live and when I travel. I planned a wedding in Thailand for 60 people than included SUPs, Yoga, and a boat excursion.

LOCAL - Let me help you create a fun-filled outdoor trip to Park City, Utah

  • Creating outdoor workouts that you can do on your own (or with me) in parks, near trails, in your backyard or deck.

  • Identify trails, activities, adventures and connect you with local outfitters and guides to create a fun filled active vacation connect your with nature and your inner badass.

REMOTE - Let me help you plan an active and outdoorsy vacation

  • I can research the best places for wellness, outdoor adventures, activities and fitness opportunities while you are traveling and create a guide that you can follow. I’d be happy to help book these experiences as well.

  • Create remote work out plans for trips and vacations that get you moving out in the fresh air


I love to cook and create healthy meals. If you need help figuring out what to prepare or spicing things up a bit on the healthy meal front I am here to help!

  • Recipe Creation + Grocery Shopping list

  • Seasonal Produce Guide

  • Meal Planning

Sessions and Packages are available