I help my clients see expanded possibilities for themselves, their lives, health, and careers. 


A native of New York City, I have always been interested in living an inspired life. After graduating from the University of Michigan, I made a radical decision to shake things up in my life, and moved to Vail, Colorado to try my hand at being a ski bum. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It changed the trajectory of my life and the way I wanted to live my life in the future. After 6 years of glorious living & exploring in the mountains, it was time to head West to San Francisco with my now fiancé to take on new and different challenges. 

During my time in San Francisco I have been working with outdoor brands on their social media strategies and content creation. And even though this work still inspires me, I am drawn to connect with people, and have heeded the call to help others see expanded possibilities for themselves, their lives, health, and careers.

My deep appreciation for life’s transitions reveals the depth of which I have explored my own path.  I've explored how getting outside and challenging myself in the outdoors really makes me happy & healthy - I walk my own talk when it comes to nutrition, I try to take on my fears, and I am always trying new things outside of my comfort zone.

I have always been passionate about wellness in every aspect of my life - health, work, relationships - and that’s where being a Stoke Coach comes into play. Living by example -friends told me about decisions and changes they’ve made in their life inspired by me - based on this I wanted to start a coaching business inspiring more people (and hopefully YOU) to go for it - reinvent yourself, get out of your box, continue with the things that make you happy - by finding and creating ways to follow your passions, get outside more, eat healthier and live life designed by you.

My fiancé and I, are getting married on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand in April 2017. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding with friends on pow days, trying to get out of my comfort zone on my mountain bike, basking in the glow of mountains, splashing around the ocean aka surfing + tennis, cooking, pilates, yoga, hiking, photography, and travel.